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Oral Soothe has now launched!

We’re really excited to announce the launch of our latest OTC product, Oral Soothe and Sore Throat 0.15% w/v Mouthwash!

Our new, pharmacy-exclusive, benzydamine hydrochloride mouthwash can be used to help with the relief of mouth and throat pain caused by a variety of medical issues, including dental surgery, tonsillitis, gum disease, mouth ulcers and other mouth and throat conditions.

Our Brand Director, Andrew Hawken commented on the launch:

“Already established as a niche supplier of heritage OTC brands, Manx Healthcare is building a strong portfolio of new lines to support the pharmacy sector. Oral Soothe has been developed to provide the consumer and retail pharmacist with an effective and commercially attractive alternative to add to their therapeutic offering.”

You can order direct by getting in touch at:

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