Ispaghula Husk Orange

30 sachets

Ispaghula Husk Orange is an ideal treatment for constipation and for those who require a high fibre diet. Made from natural ingredients, this supplement is a great source of natural fibre, helping to restore your body’s natural bowel movements in a mild and gentle way.

​Our Ispaghula Husk comes in a pleasant tasting orange flavour and is easy to use. Simply stir one sachet into cold water and drink to relieve constipation and maintain regularity.

Available in packs of 30 sachets.


How & When

How it works?

Ispaghula Husk Orange is a bulking agent. This means that when it is taken with water it increases the size of the faeces (stools) and helps solid waste to pass through the body. Ispaghula Husk Orange sachets are used to treat constipation and in conditions where it is better for the patient to have soft stools. They are also used for patients who require a high fibre diet.

How to use it?

For oral use only. Mix one sachet in 150ml (¼ pint) cool water, stir briskly and swallow as quickly as possible. Then maintain adequate fluid intake. The product should be taken during the day at least ½ to 1 hour before or after intake of food or other medicines. The effect starts 12 -14 hours later. Please refer to the enclosed leaflet for full details on how to use Ispaghula Husk Orange.

When to use it

Adults, elderly, children over 12 years of age: one sachet up to three times a day as needed. Additional doses up to a maximum of 5 sachets can be used if required. Maximum daily dose = 5 sachets Do not give to children under 12 years of age. Warning: not to be taken immediately prior to going to bed.

Please refer to the enclosed leaflet for full details on when to use Ispaghula Husk Orange.



Ispaghula husk 3.5mg



Do not exceed the stated dose. Always read the enclosed leaflet before use to ensure this product is suitable for you.



Side effects may occur. Always read the enclosed leaflet before use.

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