Endekay Flossbrush

Finding flossing a fiddle? The Endekay range of Flossbrushes provides the perfect solution.

The Endekay Flossbrush is designed to give you ultimate control as you clean the hard to reach places between your teeth that are missed by a regular toothbrush. They come in a range of different sizes for varying gaps between the teeth. Each pack contains 6 user friendly flossbrushes with a hygienic storage/travel case to keep them clean after they have been opened.

The below sizes are available. If you are unsure which size will suit you, a trial pack is also available, giving you the opportunity to try a range of our most popular sizes.

Turquoise 0.35mm, Pink 0.40mm, Orange 0.45mm, Red 0.50mm, Blue 0.6mm, Yellow 0.70mm, Green 0.80mm, Liliac 1.00mm, Trail Mixed.


How & When

How it works?

When you brush your teeth, you help to get rid of plaque, bacteria, and leftover food that has built up in your mouth. This helps to keep your teeth clean and healthy, but brushing can’t clean all of your teeth without a little help. A regular toothbrush can’t reach the gaps between your teeth that are particularly vulnerable to plaque and food debris build up, which is why Endekay Flossbrushes are a great addition to your dental care routine.

How to use it?

Attach the reusable handle to your Endekay Flossbrush and use it to reach between your teeth and clean out any plaque or left-over food that has built up there during the day. For best results, choose the size of floss brush that fits the gaps between your teeth and combine with regular brushing to clean your teeth properly.

Please refer to the pack instructions for full details on how to use Endekay Flossbrush

When to use it

Endekay Flossbrushes should be used daily, as part of your dental cleaning routine. The brushes can also be taken out with you for you to use them during the day; this is particularly beneficial after meals when you may have food trapped in your teeth.

Please refer to the pack instructions for full details on when to use Endekay Flossbrush






Always read the product packaging before use to check if this product is suitable for you.




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